“Your expertise in real estate, your attention to detail, your professional demeanor has made this whole process enjoyable.  We appreciate your taking care of the remodeling and sale of the property while we live in out of state.  We were amazed that you could bring us an above asking price contract within a week of the property going on the market!”

– Feldhauser

“Monica is a tireless, hard working, out of the box thinker, whose non-traditional ideas and methods meet with outstanding success.  She considers and respects every aspect of each client’s personal needs, as well as the needs of the property and the community.  If any of those elements are out of place, Monica will work endlessly to bring the “out of place” element back into place.”

– Tenenbaum


” I find myself helpless when I had to put my parent’s home on the market. This house needs lots of improvement such as refinish hardwood floor, update kitchen and bathrooms along with list of  repair items.  Monica helped me to organize a budget plan; she coordinated all the tasks among workers;  and when the remodeling process is completed she decorated the home with her personal touch.  She took away my headaches and worries so I may continue to focus on my family lives and daily routine.   I am thankful for her expertise in interior design and grateful for all her hard work.”



“我巳經是八十歲的老人了,我從未遇到如此貼心可靠的忠於職守的年青人,我們終於成了好朋友.  在我出售舊居時完全是未”

“I am eighty year old. I must admit Monica is a responsible, considerate and hard working person. We have become friends now.  She helped me to prepare my property before it is placed on the market.”

花一點勞思,全由 Monica全權代責,把一座56年的老房用很少的花費妝扮成了 煥然一新人見人愛,溫暖明亮洋味十足的新居,

She was overseeing  the entire makeover project including selecting designs, colors, fixtures, flooring,even outdoor flowers.  A 56 year old home with little budget she turned it into a warm and inviting home.


She sold my home in a week with multiple offers and above asking price, I am simply amazed.”

– Chang