Thanks to Monica we sold our house in 6 days after launch. With multiple offers no less!  Monica is the most incredibly supportive and compassionate agent ever! I say supportive because everything she does is to support our needs and goals in putting our house on the market. It’s not about her. It’s about us. I say compassionate because she listens and gauges our emotional state and if she feels we are not ready to move forward or have second thoughts she is the first to let us know that we may need to take a pause. Because of this we have never felt rushed or pressured into making any decisions. She answered all of our calls and texts immediately and made us feel that we were the most important people in her life at that moment.  The selling process was so smooth and went totally according to her predictions! No surprises whatsoever! We felt “in the loop” every step of the way! It was truly a positive and smooth experience! Thank you Monica for everything!!

Julie I.

Monica sold our house in one weekend. Taking into consideration the Covid virus at this time, Monica was still able to advise, show and close on the sale of our house. (and even getting more than the asking price!) We can’t say enough of Monica’s professionalism, expertise and support on the sale of our house. Her insights of what needs to be improved or how to stage our house was invaluable. I would say that is why the house sold so quickly. We would strongly recommend Monica Hsu if you are considering selling your house. You won’t regret it

 James K.

First impression and meeting with Monica was kind of casual business with no sales pitch but she listens to what my wife and I required. She emphasize our safety by wearing mask/shoe covers for people viewing our house and sanitize the house after. She went above and beyond in helping us for the preparation and putting our house in the market. Selling during pandemic times was tough but she was able to connect to a right realtor/buyer to appreciate our house and selling it faster! We highly recommend her because she really cares about her clients and treat them like family; very trustworthy, efficient and very attentive to our needs. We are greatful and blessed to have worked with Monica!      Jorge A.

Monica has been our neighbor for many years and she was the only one I considered when it came time to sell our home. I always noticed that her homes would sell very quickly because they were priced right. We met to discuss the right time to sell because of the Covid-19 situation, we took her advise when she said “put the house on the market now”. Her prep work including the photography was outstanding.
Because of our concerns about having people in the house, we had a few restrictions. She was very accommodating and did everything we asked. She always looked out for our interest. And we felt safe during this health crisis. She found the right buyer and we sold our home in a 2 days.Did a great job in keeping us informed during the escrow process. Monica will do a great job in selling your home, be ready to move.      Sal V.

I cannot recommend Monica Hsu highly enough for your real estate needs. My family just completed probably the most important real estate transaction of our lives, the sale of a large estate in Pasadena, CA. From our very first meeting to the close of escrow, Monica displayed the highest degree of professionalism, always offering sound advice about improving our property yet also showing us her delight and love for the home we occupied for over forty years.  Monica is keenly abreast of the real estate market and always available to answer questions and provide useful information both as we prepared to list and also during the escrow process.I won’t bore readers with the myriad ways in which Monica went the extra mile in guiding us through such an important and sometimes emotional experience but suffice it to say she is willing to work round the clock to best serve her clients’ needs.Monica is smart, industrious, encouraging, funny, savvy kind and most importantly, your biggest advocate.How many people can say that they are actually SAD when escrow closes? While I am so happy that she helped us sell our beautiful home to a lovely, deserving family, I am truly sorry that I won’t be talking to her as much as we had these last few months!In sum, Monica is the ultimate pro and a joy to work with.      Amy B.

Thank you Monica for making the sale of our mother’s home so painless and quick. So much of this is due to the compassion and sensitivity you have shown us each step of the way – from initial meeting to setting up the necessary inspections and appointments – all the while taking into consideration our specific issues as well as our emotional states of being. Your knowledge and expertise in real estate sale was evident throughout this process. We are so grateful to have had you as our agent in this endeavor and so appreciate the patience you have shown us. The sale went so quickly and without any complications! Can’t believe it’s over! Couldn’t have done it so smoothly without you. Thank you so very very much!       Julie I.

Monica was our listing agent for our starter home in Monterey Park.  While every house is different, and every sale is different, she did get us $40k over asking with over 10 offers and sold within a week.  Because of our positive working relationship, I have recommended her to everyone who I know that is looking to sell or purchase a home.  I recommended her to my brother, who also sold his house over asking and within a short period of time.
Here are a few reasons why I would strongly recommend you hire Monica as your agent:
1). She is incredibly competent.  She knows the market…she recommended we list our house higher and we ended up in a bidding war.  We always took her advice, and trusted her completely.
2). She is efficient with her communication.  She responds to you super quick.  As a nervous seller, I truly appreciated this quality about her.  We didn’t have to wait days to hear from her, she was quick and always available on the phone.  She kept us informed every step of the way.
3). She has an incredible team: photographer, stager, cleaning crew, handyman.  Your fliers will look amazing and professional!  She had our flyer printed in thick cardstock, in color, and had the floorplan available during the open house.  **Note, I would highly recommend going with her stager — it really makes your house look warm, inviting, everything to help get it sold quickly!  Her cleaning lady is also incredible…she made our home really, really clean.  Everything looked move in ready!
4). She looks the part.  She is smartly dressed, very professional, and has a calm demeanor.  Spend 5 minutes talking with her, and she will soon become your new friend!
It is so clear that Monica is the right choice….I can’t say enough great things about Monica.  In addition to the reasons I listed above, she is just a wonderfully sweet and kind person.  You will not be disappointed with your decision!      Pam T.

A few months ago we realized that we had to relocate to the West Side due to work reasons. It was painful enough to think about parting with our beloved house in Pasadena.  To make matters worse, the necessity to buy a house first and then to start selling the Pasadena house paying the two mortgages in the meantime made the prospect of relocation simply scary. That is, it was scary until we had a meeting with Monica and she reassured us that it would not be a painful process and there was no reason to be stressed out about it. Immediately we felt better about our prospects and decided to rely on Monica’s advice in every detail. That was probably the smartest business decision we have ever made!  At every single stage of the process Monica exceeded our expectations. She arranged several simultaneous visits by the city of Pasadena inspectors, designers, gardeners, and photographers efficiently and saved us the trouble of staying home extra hours. She tastefully chose the staging that brought out the best in our house (we wished we had asked for her advice while we were still leaving there!) Even though she told us originally that the house would sell quickly, well, and with multiple offers, she overdelivered even in regard to this promise–the house was in escrow after seven days on the market with nine offers!! The escrow closed three weeks later and the house was
sold. It has been a blessing to work with a perfect real estate agent and we know that if we ever need buy or sell real estate again Monica would be the person we will turn to.  She is incredibly competent, efficient, smart, tactful, supportive, and creative.  Looking back at our house selling process we know that it was so perfect at every step that no one could have possibly done a better job than Monica Hsu!!     Katya M.